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Reasons why businesses trust ZorroSign

Our motto is ‘think security first’ in everything we do, while protecting our

users’ personal data, their privacy, and securing their documents.


ZorroSign uses the latest technology to maintain the highest level of security in everything we do. Our policies, procedures, physical offices and product use similar or the same technology used by some of the top governments and financial institutions. We call it “bank-grade” security and it’s used to protect your user information and documents.


Using our proprietary technology, documents signed using ZorroSign are legally binding where eSignature is allowed by law. Using Blockchain technology our solution is also legally enforceable. If a document signed using ZorroSign is challenged or investigated, our 4n6 (Forensics) technology can be used as evidence without repudiation in a court of law.


ZorroSign safeguards your data, documents and signatures with the latest AES 256 bit encryption cipher. The same level cipher used by government security agencies and armed forces for top secret information. It is compliant with the U.S and other international government standards and regulation requirements.

Authentication & Verification

Authenticate and verify ZorroSign’ed documents and signatures without needing expensive third party verification or forensics services. The only solution that can also verify, validate and authenticate printed (paper) version of electronically signed documents. Using the ZorroSign mobile app, a third party, like a judge can validate and authenticate documents and eSignatures in a minute.


ZorroSign is compliant with the U.S eSign Act, Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), The Federal Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), Canadian Provincial Uniform Electronic Commerce Act (UECA), the Information Technology Act 2000 (IT Act of India), and GDPR in Europe, in addition to other countries where eSignature law has passed.


Privacy is at the core of our policy, operations and product design. We adhere to privacy laws in each country we operate. We not only comply with privacy regulations we work with regulatory bodies and governments to form next generation privacy standards.

Technology - Foundation


Zorrosign is available 24/7/365 with near zero downtime during software maintenance and upgrade events.


ZorroSign software and infrastructure continue to be optimized for high performance server response and user experience.


Amazon AWS and other supporting technologies provide the most reliable user experience and solution in the market.


As your business grows in number of users and complexity, ZorroSign grows with your business with zero disruption and without requiring any modification to the software or your configuration.


ZorroSign eSignature and DTM platform provides complete end-to-end digital transaction management capabilities that can handle any business requirement.

Interoperability (integrations)

We continue to deploy new integrations with third party applications periodically. Our Open REST API enables customers to integrate ZorroSign into any business application.

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