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Electronic Signature Solutions

electronic signature

Pioneered in the 1990’s, ZorroSign’s electronic signature is an integral part of the ZorroSign DTM platform. It is highly secure, encrypted, and robust eSignature solution with flexibility around its usage, security, and application.


  • Safeguard your documents with encryption and highest level of security.
  • Documents signed through ZorroSign are legally binding.
  • Reduce cost by getting rid of paper; printing, sending by courier, and subsequent archiving.
  • ZorroSign eSignatures are compliant with international laws & regulations.
eSignature benefits


eSignature Features
  • ZorroSign eSignatures are compliant with international laws & regulations, such as E-Sign Act, UETA, HIPPA, etc.
  • Create a handwritten or computer-generated signatures of different styles and colors for multiple roles, situations and legal purposes e.g. trustee, proxy, etc.
  • Highly trusted eSignature that can be verified and authenticated digitally and on paper.
  • ZorroSign eSignature is embedded on to the document and the entire document set is secured utilizing industry standard encryptions.
  • Documents signed with ZorroSign can have access authorization using password, biometrics (fingerprint & iris) or any other third-party authentication services if required.

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