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ZorroSign For Sales Departments
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ZorroSign eSignature Solutions for Sales Departments


Most sales departments have a similar goal, close more deals, faster. Luckily, ZorroSign’s eSignature and workflow automation solution can help companies achieve their goal. Improve customer retention, reduce cycle time and cost by automating your sales cycle. ZorroSign’s eSignature and DTM solution is an innovative solution to help you manage your documents and implement end-to-end sales management process.

How Sales Departments use ZorroSign

  • Price proposals
  • Invoice processing
  • Sales orders
  • Licensing agreements
  • Purchase agreements
  • General policy management and compliance
  • Comply with your document retention policy
  • Financing agreements
  • Partner agreements
  • Existing CRM Integration

ZorroSign Features for Sales Departments

  • SalesForce app integration with custom fields support
  • Quickly prepare and send contracts and proposals
  • Create and manage approval workflows
  • Create and execute templates (Document specific, Bulk)
  • Track when documents are completed, rejected, expired or cancelled.
  • Sign on mobile devices and use mobile biometrics to sign.
  • Assign due dates and expiry dates for documents and templates.
  • Tamper seal a document using Blockchain Token.
  • Document archiving (document retention policy).
  • Use real hand-written or computer generated signatures.

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