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What is ZorroSign?


ZorroSign is a Digital Business Platform (DBP) built ground up on a (patent pending) private permissions based blockchain. This platform enables businesses to go completely digital by transforming all their paper based, manual and/or semi digital transactions into what we call advanced Digital Transaction Management (DTM). By going completely digital, businesses can keep up with the fast pace of changing technology, comply with new security & privacy laws globally, all while saving the environment.


Building our technology from the ground up on the blockchain has allowed the ZorroSign DBP to focus on the core areas that are important to us:

  1. User Privacy
  2. Data & Document Security
  3. User Authentication and Validation


We have achieved the highest level of certifications and additionally provide equal and at times superior levels of privacy and security when compared to government and bank standards. Having our technology run on the blockchain allows ZorroSign to be able to provide the most secure platform available today, and by being the only solution in the marketing using the patented digital signature technology, ZorroSign documents will always be legally accepted.


Using Hyperledger Fabric, the world’s most trusted blockchain technology, ZorroSign ensures 100% trust in a zero-trust world.

One Platform, Complete Solution.

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From the beginning of the transaction until the document completion, ZorroSign places all aspects of the transaction (Audit Trail, Chain of Custody, Document & Attachment(s), User Authentication Information and Digital Signatures) on a private permissions-based blockchain in order to create a fully immutable record of the transaction. Users can use ZorroSign’s passwordless login or multi-factor authentication (OTP, mobile biometrics, etc.) to log in and securely sign documents.


Ensuring the security and privacy of the users’ information (who are part of a transaction), the data and also to ensure the sanctity of the digitally signed documents, ZorroSign uses advanced standards like RSA encryption. This is further secured when ZorroSign Users utilize the patent pending 4n6 (forensics) Token. This proprietary software is a tamper seal for your digital and printed documents, allowing only intended parties to access and verify a document.


Ultimately, using ZorroSign Digital Signatures on the blockchain ensures that users can safely and securely eSign documents, build workflows, request signatures and automate approval processes while having complete peace of mind that the platform is highly secure, fully compliant and all documents and forms transacted are legally binding.

  • Request signatures on any document in minutes.
  • Better process control when getting your documents signed.
  • Close deals faster.
  • Meet compliance with rules, regulations and policies.
  • Reduced operating cost and consumption of office supplies.
  • Reduced storage space of paper based documents.
  • Be socially responsible by saving trees and reducing carbon footprint.

How ZorroSign works

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